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You have been scheduled for an overnight polysomnogram or sleep study. A sleep study monitors the activities that occur during sleep (i.e. brain waves, muscle movements, eye movements, breathing through your nose and mouth, heart rate, and leg movements). Electrodes are used to monitor sleep and these are applied using medical tape and electrode cream. Flexible elastic belts are placed around your chest and abdomen to measure breathing. The level of oxygen in your blood and heart rate will also be monitored. None of our sensors are painful, or should be uncomfortable.

Please choose your sleep study location below to download and fill out  your New Patient Paperwork.

Clark Memorial Sleep Lab
Medical Arts Building at 207 Sparks Avenue Suite 307
Jeffersonville, Indiana - Directions included in paperwork.

Flaget Memorial Sleep Lab
4359 New Shepherdsville Road Bardstown, KY - Directions included in paperwork.

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